Kielbasa is just one type of sausage you can buy at your local delicatessen or grocery store. What makes this Polish-style sausage so different from other types? This article will answer that question and provide tips on cooking kielbasa. Try new recipes or add kielbasa to old favorites for a rich and meaty taste. You can enjoy kielbasa by itself or in many other dishes because of its garlicky, smoky flavor.


Kielbasa, the Polish term for sausage, can refer to any Polish-style sausage. Polish cuisine is a significant part of sausage, so many types are made.

There are many types of kielbasa in Poland, including:

Kabanosy: Similar to the German landjaeger meat, kabanosy can be described as a hunter’s sausage. It’s more of a snack than a sausage you would serve with a meal. Kabanosy can be stored for up to a year because it has been smoked and dried. This makes it an ideal snack for outdoor adventures. Kabanosy is usually made from pork and has mild and aromatic spices. Kabanosy pixantrone is another spicy variation.

Mysliwska Another hunter’s sausage, smoked and dried, is mysliwska. Mysliwska is shorter and thinner than kabanosy. Instead, it’s faster and denser. The signature flavor of this pork sausage is juniper, a berry with a distinct woodsy taste.

Krakowska Krakowska is distinctive in its appearance, as it has a greater diameter than other types of kielbasa. It is named after Krakow, Poland’s oldest city. Krakowska, like kabanosy, is best enjoyed at room temperature and not heated. Krakowska is not a snack that can be taken with you on the go but a cold cut to use in sandwiches and deli platters. It is made with kielbasa ingredients like garlic and allspice, as well as coriander and coriander.

Biala: Biala kielbasa, white sausage. Poles love this sausage. Because it is uncured, this sausage must be cooked. This pork sausage has marjoram as its prominent flavor, with minor notes of garlic, pepper, and other flavors.

WedzonaKielbasa Wedzona is a cured sausage made from pork seasoned with salt, sugar, salt, and pepper. Some varieties contain marjoram, too. The sausage is smoked. Its name means “smoked sausage.” It is very similar to Polish sausage.

Wiejska isAnother popular smoked variety is wiejska-kielbasa. Its name means “country style.” Wiejska is traditionally made from ground pork, pork, and veal and is seasoned with garlic and marjoram. This sausage is more garlicky than other varieties.

Podwawelska. Kielbasa podwawelska is a Vavel smoked Polish sausage. It is named after Krakow’s royal castle. This sausage is made with cured pork, kielbasa spice, black pepper marjoram, and garlic. You can cook the sausage in hot water, steam it, and smoke it.

Slaska This pork kielbasa is from Silesia in Poland, an industrial region. It is a versatile sausage that Poles love because of its mild flavor. It is ready to eat because it has been lightly smoked and steamed.

Piaszczanska This semi-dry, cured pork sausage is from a specific village in Poland — Piaski Wielkie. The sausage makers marinate the meat with herb broth, including cloves, juniper, allspice, and many more. Rock salt is also added to the mixture. The smoking process gives this sausage its unique flavor.

For Poles, “kielbasa” means “sausage.” As you can see, there is a wide variety of kielbasa, even more than what we have included in this list. In an international context, however, and to Americans in the U.S., “kielbasa” is a general term for a Polish-style sausage.

You may find this sausage labeled Polska kielbasa in your local grocery or delicatessen. This means “Polish sausage.” It often comes with a distinctive horseshoe shape. You can eat the sausage straight from the packaging, as it is usually fully cooked and often smoked. People like to cook the link first, and then they can enjoy it in many different dishes.

What is it that sets Polish sausage apart? It has a distinctive flavor profile resulting from some of the same ingredients as many of the other kielbasa types we reviewed above.

Pork: Kielbasa usually is made from coarsely-ground pork. Some varieties combine pork with beef, while others include turkey.

Garlic The prominent flavor that differentiates kielbasa sausages from other varieties is garlic.

Marjoram: A common ingredient in most kielbasas is marjoram spice. This gives the sausage some warmth and sweetness.

Smoked: The majority of kielbasa is smoked to enhance the flavor.

The most distinctive feature of Kielbasa is its garlicky flavor. Because garlic pairs well with many dishes, kielbasa can be used in various ways. It’s a versatile sausage that tastes just as good in a breakfast scramble and cheesy potato soups.


Except in rare cases, kielbasa can be purchased fully cooked. This means you don’t need to cook the sausage before enjoying it. You can enjoy kielbasa chilled with cheese and crackers. Most cooks heat kielbasa to enhance the flavor and increase its deliciousness.

Here are some common ways to prepare kielbasa.

Grill: The grill is a popular method of cooking kielbasa. To give the kielbasa crispy skin and heat it through, you will need to cook it on a hot grill for around 10 minutes. Don’t pierce or slit kielbasa when grilling to preserve all its juices.

Bake: You also have the option to roast kielbasa in an electric oven. This is possible in either whole or cut pieces. Place the kielbasa and any other ingredients on a sheet pan. To ensure an even roast, turn the kielbasa every so often.

Pan-fry Fry the kielbasa in a skillet to enhance its flavors and give it a crispy texture. This cooking method involves slicing the kielbasa into small pieces. Then, heat some oil and fry the slices until they are browned on the edges.

Boil For fresh kielbasa; most cooks boil it in water before adding it to dishes, grilling it, or using a skillet. You can add smoked kielbasa that is fully cooked in a pot of soup, boiling cabbage, or any other liquid-based dish. This method of cooking will allow you to