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The summer heat is getting me, you guys! So, I took a break last week and thought about the best lunch boxes that don’t require cooking or meal preparations that I could keep in the fridge to make quick meals in the next few months. I’ll share these lunchbox ideas, including the Pizza Roll-Up Lunch Box, over the coming weeks. These simple lunch boxes with no cooking are great “brown bag” lunches for working hours, especially for those without access to an oven or refrigerator during the day. Put one of these into an insulated lunch bag, and you’re ready to go!


There are different amounts of food; therefore, make sure to adjust your lunchbox up or down to suit your needs. You can include other items in this pizza roll-up lunchbox to bulk it up should you require more!

Serve an orange, apple, or yogurt cup on the side of your plate for dessert.

Add a layer of turkey, ham, or salami slices to deli meats to roll up.

Sprinkle a layer of onion caramelization on the wrap

Spread ricotta cheese all over the tortilla to replace the pesto (option drizzle pesto on top of the ricotta cheese and then have the two!)

Put some banana pepper rings into the roll-up

Serve a simple green salad to serve alongside

There’s an infinite number of toppings you can put on your roll But be aware of “chunky” ingredients that may cause it to be difficult for you to hold the roll tightly shut.


Four large tortillas (burrito size) ($0.65)

1/4 cup basil pesto ($0.55)

8 slices provolone cheese ($1.19)

36 slices pepperoni ($0.97)

4 cups fresh spinach ($0.32)

1/2 cup pizza sauce ($0.43)

Two bell peppers in green ($1.53)


Spread 1 Tbsp pesto over the tortilla’s surface (it is unnecessary to cover the entire tortilla. Place two slices of Provolone over the other half of each tortilla, then sprinkle with around nine pepperoni. Then, add a handful of fresh spinach to each tortilla.

Each tortilla should be rolled up and keep it as tight as possible. With the seams facing downwards, Cut the rolls into 1-inch pieces. Place the slices of roll-ups in your food prep container. They should be tightly packed to stop them from getting without being rolled.

Cut the bell peppers’ greens into strips. Split the bell pepper strips into four containers.

Fill four containers with pizza sauce, two tablespoons each. Keep your roll-ups chilled with bell peppers, roll-ups, and pizza sauce for up to 5 days.