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What do you think if I said that it’s possible that you don’t have to purchase an expensive machine for making your homemade ice cream? This easy homemade ice cream is can be made in several different flavors, and it’s an exciting summer project. This year, we used the ripe strawberries available to create this delicious, no-churn strawberry cream. It might be my most favorite flavor to date. Be sure to save this recipe to make this weekend. You’ll be happy to have homemade ice cream in your freezer to come later.


It’s good that you don’t require any ice cream makers to create this deliciously easy dessert. The base of ice cream doesn’t require constant stirring since it is frozen to remain soft and fluffy. Also, standing in front of the stove is unnecessary, mixing eggs, cream, and sugar into a creamy custard. Halleloo! The process of mixing the ingredients before freezing will help keep the ice crystals from becoming too big, as well as making the frozen ice cream creamy and delicious.

With only five components and an electric mixer,, this recipe will surely deliver delicious, silky results. This ice cream is delicious! I often make two batches because I am sure that, even with my best efforts, I’ll eat most of it in one go.


There are two ways to flavor your non-churn Ice cream. You can add flavor to the ice cream’s base, or swirl various delicious ingredients in the cream before freezing. To keep the recipe simple we added flavor to the base with a hint of vanilla before swirling it with strawberries, and strawberries before freezing.

If you do not have fresh strawberries or aren’t interested in making your strawberry syrup, you could mix in a bit of thinned-out strawberry jam. Simply break up the hole by stirring it in a small amount of warm water until it’s barely loose enough to slide off a spoon. It is then swirled in the same way we did with the strawberry syrup in the next step.


Ice cream created in an ice cream machine is slowly churned while frozen, which mixes air into the mix and makes the ice crystals small when they begin to develop. In the absence of stirring, the mixture is whisked before freezing to help incorporate air. The base’s high sugar and fat content helps prevent the formation of large ice crystals while it freezes. It’s straightforward, and the result is incredible; you’ll be thankful that you didn’t spend dollars on that machine to make ice cream.


Strawberry Syrup

One lb. fresh strawberries to be divided ($1.99)

1/3 cup of sugar (granulated) ($0.05)

1/8 tsp vanilla extract ($0.06)

One pinch salt ($0.01)

Ice Cream Base

1 14oz. sweetened condensed dairy ($1.59)

1 pint thick whipping cream ($2.39)

1 tsp vanilla extract ($0.50)

One pinch salt ($0.01)


Prepare the strawberry syrup first. Clean the strawberries and take off any green tops. Slice the strawberries into 1/4-inch pieces. Reserve half the strawberry pieces to incorporate into the ice cream in the future.

The other half of the sliced strawberries into a saucepot along with sugar. Stir and cook on moderate heat until the strawberries let their liquid out and create syrup within the saucepot.

Allow the strawberry syrup to simmer, mixing now and then until it falls apart and loses its shape. Then, the syrup has thickened a bit. It’s time to know when you push a wooden spoon over the bottom of the pot and the syrup is separated for a couple of minutes. Take the syrup off the heat and mix in both salt and vanilla. Put the strawberry syrup aside to cool.

As the syrup is cooling while it cools, make the ice cream base. Add condensed milk sweetened with sugar and heavy whipping cream, vanilla extract, and salt into an ice cream bowl. Utilize a hand mixer to to whip the mixture until it’s soft, fluffy and has soft white peaks.

Mix the chopped, freshly picked strawberries in the base of the ice cream. Transfer the whipped base into the freezer-safe container. Pour the strawberry syrup that has cooled onto the ice cream and gently swirl it around in the mixture.

Ice cream is covered in ice and chilled for eight hours before serving and scooping.