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The idea of meatloaf raises an eyebrow since it’s just the equivalent of a meatloaf. When it’s cooked properly, it’s fantastic. It’s so filling, extremely cozy, and tasty that I’m considering possibly eating leftovers in the coming hours (hello, meatloaf sandwich, I’m looking at you). It’s a Classic Homemade Meatloaf recipe is the classic meatloaf recipe that we all love and adore: tender and juicy, packed with flavor, and topped with the perfect tomato glaze on top. It’s delicious when served with green beans and mashed potatoes. A platter of pure deliciousness!


There are two groups when it comes to meatloaf. You can bake it in loaf pans or baking sheets. I’m a baking sheet person, but it boils down to individual preference. I’ve found that loaf pans cannot provide sufficient evaporation, so the bottom of the loaf can become somewhat liquid. Baking sheets allow more evaporation, making the meatloaf incredibly succulent and delicious.

If shaping isn’t easy for you or you’d like the perfect square edges, you might use an oven-proof loaf pan.


A few techniques exist to make meatloaf held together in perfect slices. Here are a few suggestions:

Choose a recipe containing the correct binding agents (egg and breadcrumbs). This is the principal ingredient that keeps the meat in place.

Use ground beef with smaller grinds or that’s been double ground. Ground beef that is too coarse will not mix as well with binding agents and can break up when cut.

Chop the onion as finely as you can. The large chunks of onion make it difficult for the loaf to hold together.



One large egg ($0.21)

1/3 cup of milk ($0.14)

1 tsp Worcestershire sauce ($0.02)

Half cup breadcrumbs plain ($0.32)

One teaspoon Italian seasoning ($0.10)

1/2 1 tsp of garlic powder ($0.05)

One teaspoon salt ($0.02)

14 tsp freshly cracked black pepper ($0.02)

1/2 cup chopped onion ($0.14)

1.5 lbs. ground meat (85/15) ($8.03)


1/2 cup of ketchup ($0.40)

One tablespoon brown sugar ($0.02)

1 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce ($0.06)

One teaspoon yellow mustard ($0.03)


Preheat the oven to 350°F. Whisk together the milk, egg, and Worcestershire sauce in a small mixing bowl. Mix your breadcrumbs with Italian flavorings, powdered garlic, salt, and pepper in a separate bowl. Slice the onion.

Mix the egg, ground beef breadcrumbs, and minced onion into an enormous bowl. Make use of your hands to mix the ingredients until well blended. Be careful not to overmix.

Place the meatloaf in a baking dish with a rim. Form it into loaves approximately 4 inches wide, 8 inches long, and 2 inches tall.

Mix all the ingredients for the glaze (ketchup, brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, mustard). Distribute the ice evenly across the sides and top of your meatloaf.

Bake the meatloaf for 50 to 55 minutes or until the internal temperature is 165oF. Let the meatloaf sit for 5-10 minutes after baking, then cut it to serve.