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This One-pot creamy pesto chicken recipe resulted from the little pasta sauce packets, a powdered mix I often see in the supermarket’s aisles. Although those tiny packets are ideal for camping, stocking the bomb shelter, or storing emergency supplies for hurricanes, the regular weeknight meals need something different. More delicious but not as tricky. This creamy pesto chicken pasta can be made in less than 25 minutes. It’s delicious as well as creamy. It is made with only a handful of ingredients.


The idea for this recipe started as simple as pasta with sauce. Because sometimes, all you require is to satisfy. However, I love to go through my refrigerator, pantry, and freezer for leftover ingredients to add to my cooking. This is how I came up with this delicious pesto chicken pasta and added fresh spinach and sun-dried tomato sauce. However, I had it as only pasta and sauce in testing, and it inspired me to smile and wiggle in my chair.


One-pot pasta can be challenging for certain people because the pasta cooks less liquid than traditional cooking techniques. Here are a few suggestions to ensure that the pasta cooked in one pot cooks evenly and has the perfect texture

You should ensure you are using high-quality cookware. Make sure to use strong, durable, robust and heavy cookware that transfers heat equally. Thin cookware will cause some pasta to be overcooked and some uncooked.

Choose a stove that is similar in size to your cookware. This will allow the pot to cook evenly and uniformly heat the pasta.

Ensure the broth is kept at a steady slow simmer during cooking. If the broth isn’t simmering, the pasta will turn fragile.

Mix it every few minutes to prevent sticking, and cook your pasta evenly.

Cover the pot to keep steam out, which helps cook the pasta.


One lb. skinless, boneless poultry breast ($5.56)

2. Tbsp of butter ($0.26)

Two cloves of garlic ($0.16)

1/2 lb. penne pasta ($0.40)

1.5 cups chicken broth ($0.20)

1 cup of milk ($0.32)

3 oz. cream cheese * ($0.29)

1/3 cup basil pesto ($0.73)

1 cup grated Parmesan ($0.44)

freshly cracked pepper ($0.03)

1 pinch red pepper crushed ($0.02)

Optional Add-Ins

3 cups fresh spinach ($0.90)

1/4 cup of tomato sun-dried ($1.10)


Cut the breast of the chicken into pieces of 1 inch. Place the butter in an oil-based skillet and melt at a moderate temperature. Then add chicken to the pan, and cook on medium heat until the chicken is lightly browned on the exterior.

When the meat is cooked, chop the garlic. Add the minced garlic along with the chicken in the same skillet, and then continue to sauté for another minute.

Add the pasta that is not cooked with the broth from the chicken to cook with the garlic and chicken. Stir in the garlic and chicken to remove brown pieces from the pan’s surface. Put a lid over the skillet, raise the heat to medium-high, and bring the broth to a simmer.

When the broth is at the point of being fully boiling, and the pasta is cooked, give it an easy stir, then replace the lid and lower the heat to low to medium. The pasta should simmer over moderately low heat for approximately 8 minutes until it is cooked and most of the broth is absorbed. Mix the pasta once every two minutes while it cooks, removing the lid rapidly.

Add the cream cheese, milk (cut into pieces), and pesto when the pasta is cooked, and most of the broth has been absorbed. Stir and cook over moderate temperature until the cheese melts into the pasta sauce completely. Add chopped Parmesan to the sauce and mix until it is well-integrated.

If you wish, add fresh spinach and sun-dried sliced tomatoes. Mix until the spinach has softened, and then take your pasta from the oven. Serve the pasta with freshly smashed pepper and a pinch of crushed red pepper. Then serve.